1. What is DAD of Cad?
It’s a Jewellery Design studio helping jewellers to stand out of competition.
2. What is Design Access
It’s a sign up process, where you get access to library of 2100+ Ecommerce designs which are updated every month.
3. What is the fee of Design Access?
₹ 10,000/-
4. Can I utilize the Design Access Fee?
Yes, The design access fee of ₹ 10,000/- is a Deposit which you can use as credits while purchasing library 3D Models, Renders and Videos.
5. How much time does it take for delivery of CAD or Renders after I select the designs?
We deliver it within 24 hours after you send the design style no on email.
6. What if I do not like the designs after taking Design Access?
There is a free trial where you can get 50 Designs along with 3D model, Renders, Model view to evaluate. You can find it from our Instamojo store. You also get a glimpse of our Design collection in a pdf format. If you like them, only then you should take the Design Access.
7. Is the Design access fee refundable?
No, it is not refundable. However, if you pick 30 designs from our library of 2100+ designs, your design access fee gets utilized.
8. What is the applicable GST?
9. How do I judge the quality of CAD files?
From the free trial, you can check the 3D models and test them via 3D printing. All the 3D models are already tested with 3D printing. They are made with production friendly parameters. If you have a specific parameter for your company, you can edit the 3DM file at your end.
10. Apart from designs , do you help in Ecommerce
Yes, You can consult our Jewellery Ecommerce Expert Mr. Gaurav on gaurav@dadofcad.com. He is an universe of creativity and has guided many jewellers to start their online jewellery business.
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